Rajini is all swagger in Bear Grylls show

A special motion poster for Rajinikanth’s television debut on Discovery Channel with Into The Wild with Bear Grylls has been released, that shows with Superstar posing with the TV host and survival skills expert.

In the poster, the two men – Rajinikanth in a baseball cap and Bear Grylls in a military green jacket – are seen standing in front of a rugged jeep. A ball of fire and broken pieces of glass fly across the screen, adding the effect of fast-paced action.

Bear Grylls tweeted: “Preparing for @Rajinikanth’s blockbuster TV debut with an Into The Wild with Bear Grylls motion poster! I have worked with many stars around the world but this one for me was special. Love India. #ThalaivaOnDiscovery.”

He added: “@rajinikanth has always been a star with swagger! But in the wild everything is different… It was so fun to spend time with the legend and get to know and see him in a totally new way… #ThalaivaOnDiscovery @DiscoveryIN.”

Last year, the special episode on Discovery featuring PM Modi, shot in Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand, was a frank and freewheeling journey that threw light on wildlife conservation.

Rajini had said earlier that the show “is a perfect platform to take the message of conserving water to every home across the country.” This special program of Man vs. Wild is expected to be themed around water conservation, and Rajinikanth added that every Indian will need to come forward and contribute as “this war has to be led at all levels including government, community as well as on the individual front.”

In ‘Man vs Wild’, former British serviceman Grylls showcased survival strategies in extreme challenging conditions in the most remote locations around the world.