Rajini fans stage protest, ask actor to reconsider decision of entering politics

Rajinikanth had recently announced that he will not enter electoral politics due to his health factor.  This disappointed several fans who staged a protest in Chennai asking the actor to enter politics. The fans who carried out the day long protest asked Rajinikanth to reconsider his decision.

Having managed to mobilise fans from across Tamil Nadu, protesters appealed to the actor to consider the importance of the upcoming Assembly election, and the need for him to enter politics to “save Tamil Nadu”. They repeated the actor’s slogan “Now or never”.

Rajinikanth had earlier announced that he would launch his party in January 2021, however changed his mind after he was admitted to hospital afer fluctuations in Blood Pressure.

Rajinikanth said that he will not be able to directly meet the people and carry out election campaign.

In a statement, issued on December 29, Rajinikanth had said that he was not launching his political party to enter electoral politics citing his own health condition. Soon after the statement, a section of fans assembled in front of his house and staged a dharna on that day.