Raj TV targets all sections of audience with 5 new serials

Raj TV has launched five mega serials namely Kannamma, Hello Shyamala, Nalam Nalamariya Aaval, Kadal Kadandhu Udhyogam and Gangadharanai Kaanom.

Though all of the above are centred on women themes, they are targeted at all sections of the audience, according to those behind the ventures.

These soaps will be aired between 7 PM am 9:30 PM. It starts with ‘Kadal Kadanthu Udhyogam’ at 7.00 PM, followed by ‘Gangadharanai Kanoam’ will be telecast at 7.30 PM.

‘Kannamma’ and ‘Hello Shyamala’ will be aired at 8.01 PM and 8.30 PM respectively and ‘Nalam Nalam Ariya Aaval’ will be telecast at 9.00 PM.

Madhavan of Sri Bharathi Associate who produces these soaps, said, “All the mega serials have diversified plots that co-relate with the life of women in today’s environment and how the empowered protagonist of each storyline takes the problems in her stride and bounces back forms the crux.”

The channel will also be launching two more shows with rich production values shortly. Raj TV has also charted a 360 degree marketing plan to maximise the reach of new shows among the Tamil audience.