Rahul alleges that AIADMK is a mask with RSS and BJP behind it

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday drew an analogy between the AIADMK and the mask worn to help prevent spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, alleging it was only the RSS and BJP behind the ruling party, a mere mask.

In a grand public meeting here, the first in which top leaders of all parties in the DMK-led Secular Progressive Alliance in Tamil Nadu came together, Gandhi said these days one could see people wearing masks everywhere, making recognising those behind them difficult.

The masks hid ‘something’ and one could not figure out if a person reciprocated a friendly smile, he said, adding the comparison was important to understand the ruling AIADMK.

Seeking people’s support for the SPA for the April 6 Assembly polls, he targeted AIADMK, BJP’s electoral partner.

“This is not the old AIADMK, please do not be confused. This is the AIADMK with a mask on top of it. It looks like the AIADMK. But if you take off the mask, you will find it is not the AIADMK behind the mask, it is the RSS, BJP behind the mask,” he alleged.

Meanwhile, DMK president M K Stalin requested Congress leader Rahul Gandhi to stitch an alliance against the BJP at the national level, like the combine led by his party in Tamilnadu and accused the Centre of unleashing a ‘chemical’ and ‘cultural’ attack against the state.