Rahman worried about today's music

Rahman worried about today’s music

When A R Rahman entered Tamil cinema music space and started delivering chartbusters in the early 1990s, some veterans of that time criticised his music.

And now, the Oscar-Grammy winning maestro has said there is a lot of noise in today’s music.

In his recent interaction with the media, he said, “I agree, there is a lot of noise in today’s music. The reason is we don’t have enough time to produce music with the live orchestra.”

He added: “The number of melodies and Carnatic tunes has also been reduced because producers are not ready to fund projects which have scope for such music.”

Rahman said further: “A cook first would first taste his food. Similarly, I first listen to my composition and if I feel not listening to it more than one week, will make changes. Audiences would listen to a song a multiple number of times and they shouldn’t feel bored.”

“If a song sounds fresh, I would readily play to the producer/ director. I’m not into number game anymore and only wants to try something unique in every album,” Rahman added.