Raghava Lawrence’s heartfelt thanks note to CM

Raghava Lawrence is touched by an immediate response by the Tamilnadu government, to a request by him to rescue stranded Tamils in different parts of Andhra Pradesh.

In a social media post, the actor-choreographer-filmmaker said, “My Thanks to Our honourable CM Eddapadi K Palaniswami sir. A few days back I kept a request to cheif minister on behalf Of 37 people from Andhra for their transport to go back to their home who were stuck here without food and shelter for so many days in between the corona virus Outbreak.”

“After my request immediately our chief minister considered it and his Secretary Viiayakumar Sir reached my line and started following up my request. Just within a week’s time the transportation was arranged and all 37 members were sent back to their place in train,” he said further.

“My heartfelt thanks to our honourable cheif minister eddapadi k Palaniswami sir, his secretary Vijayakumar sir , collector John Louis sir , Other officers and Pro Radha kannan sir who immediately took action On my request. Happy birthday to our honourable cheif minister eddapadi k palaniswami sir. I pray to Ragavendra swami for his good health. Service is god,” Raghava concluded.

Raghava Lawrence, who is known for charity works, recently informed that Vijay and Anirudh Ravichander about a boy who is talented in music, they immediatley came forward to meet him.

“One good news on this Mother’s Day. Yesterday I posted about Tansen, a boy from physically abled group who played a song from Master and I kept a request to nanban Vijay and Anirudh sir,” Raghava posted.

“Last night I spoke to nanban Vijay, At once the lockdown gets over he asked me to bring that boy to play the song in front of him and Anirudh sir also immediately considered his wish and told he will make him play in his musical. My big thanks to nanban Vijay and Anirudh sir for making his dream come true. Service is god,” he added.