Raghava Lawrence's 1100 kg cake to celebrate Jallikattu victory

Raghava Lawrence’s 1100 kg cake to celebrate Jallikattu victory

Raghava Lawerence, who stood with youngsters during the Jallikattu protest, has cut an 1100 kg cake with the presence of youngsters and the general public in Chennai.

The cake that was cut during the celebrations is said to be of 1200 kgs. Interestingly, the previous record for the cake was 1040 kg.

Earlier, the actor-choreographer-director posted on his social media page, ““My students and I will be celebrating the #Jallikattu success celebration tomorrow (Feb 18th) in a big way by cutting a massive 1100 Kg cake, breaking the previous World record, which was 1040 Kg in Italy.”

He added: “The cake’s dimensions are 50 feet long and 5 ft wide and prepared by 40 chefs. The preparation time was completed in 22 hours. The event will be certified by Assist World Records.”

Later, speaking at the cake cutting ceremony, he said that he would be like a son for the parents of the two youngsters, who sacrificed their lives during the Jallikattu protests.

Lawrence, who is awaiting the release of Motta Siva Ketta Siva and Shivalinga, added that he would even take care of their financial needs.