Raghava Lawrence wants Rajini to be CM of TN

Actor, choreographer, and director Raghava Lawrence, a well-known die-hard fan of Superstar Rajinikanth, wants the latter to reconsider his decision not to contest as Chief Minister although his yet to be launched political party is planning to contest in the upcoming elections.

In a statement, Raghava said, “My request to Thalaivar to reconsider his decision. After I posted a tweet last week many media friends and others are asking me “You mentioned that every party has helped you and you respect everyone and also said that you will support Thalaivar superstar Rajinikanth if he starts a party because you don’t like negative politics were you need to talk bad about others.

But the question is “Will you support Thalaivar as CM candidate or also support anyone he picks ?” Today I want to clear this question. To be very honest I want Thalaivar to stand as the CM candidate. When he announced his decision in Leela palace, I tweeted supporting his decision because I didn’t want to go against him but whole heartedly I wasn’t able to accept it.

I think not only me but all his fans also feel the same. Even when I speak to Thalaivar about this every week, I request him to reconsider his decision.

So, only if Thalaivar stands as Cm candidate I’m ready to serve for him and not for others. If Thalaivar doesn’t accept this, I will try my level best to convince him but If not I will just continue doing my own service.

My humble request for Thalaivar to reconsider his  decision and stand as the Cm candidate. In the future if he wants he can pick anyone but this time I wish he stand as the CM candidate and I want all his fans to request him on the same because my heart says this will happen. Nenga vandha nanga varom.Ippo ilana vera yeppo. November ?”

Raghava Lawrence some time back announced that he is entering politics and will align with Superstar Rajinikanth when he starts his party in November and serve under him. He stated that he feels only Rajini can give a clean government and that’s why he rooted for him. Read:Raghava Lawrence announces his political entry joining with Rajinikanth