Raghava Lawrence slams Karuppar Koottam

Joining the list of celebrities who are slamming a controversial video made by a self-proclaimed atheist outfit called Karuppar Koottam, which spews venom on Hindu gods and insults them is Raghava Lawrence.

“Hi to all murugan devotees. Today is krithigai, I’d like to share something with you all. I grew up listening to kandha Sasti kavasam. My mom used to read it to me everyday morning,” posted the actor-choreograper-director.

He added: “I know the power of it and I believe that it’s a shield that protects me. I worship Murugan statue at home everyday and there’s a reason why I’m mentioning it today. You all must be already aware of it.”

“Let’s not talk about anyone and make them big. See the beauty, love and power of murugan in this picture, Everything else will fade away. Time will answer everything,” he added.

In a statement, Rajkiran said everyone has their own beliefs and it is so wrong to criticism them. He also expressed doubt that there might be some evil designs to trigger unrest with this video.

Gaurav Narayanan said in a video, “Matha pitha guru deivam.. Do you know why deivam has been placed last in this list? It takes a good mother to learn about a father. It is a good father who takes you to a guru. And you need a good guru to show you the path to god.

So, only those who did not get a good mother, father or guru will alone be unable to see God. You will not even be able to see the entity called God. There is no god is what your Karuppar Koottam group’s belief. Let that be so. Our belief is that God exists. What joy do you get in talking obscenely about our beliefs?

You will put forth a thousand reasons to say that there is no God, but to show that there exists a God, we have only one thing — our belief. Do not try to displace it. You will be the ones who will get destroyed. We have seen many atheists like you talking ill about Gods and eventually falling at the feet of Gods in our temples.
Don’t create unrest in the name of religion or in the name of God. You will be destroyed.”