Raghava Lawrence says Rajini haters couldn’t stop Darbar success

Raghava Lawrence, who made a fiery speech at the audio launch of Darbar, has now come out with a statement slamming the haters of superstar Rajinikanth.

He said, “Hai friends and fans, few people thought that Thalaivar movie will not run successfully especially one person had planned so many things and mentioned in whatsapp to not go and watch the movie and all but beyond all this Thalaivar’s movie is breaking the box office.”

The actor-filmmaker-choreographer added: “Yelaya kaila maraikalam but malaiya maraika mudiyadhu. Malai da  annamalai , Andha andavane nambo pakkam.”

He said that he threw cow dung on Kamal Haasan’s posters when he was a child, and later clarified that his speech was twisted. He said he was a great admirer of Kamal.

The Kanchana and Motta Siva Ketta Siva actor said Kamal approached him to join the cast of Thalaivan Irukkindran, but he couldn’t take it up as he was busy with his film Kaala Bhairava.

In a clarification earlier, Lawrence said, “Hi Friends and Fans.. After my speech at Darbar audio launch I saw few posts only highlighting that I hit cow dung on Kamal sir’s poster, see the whole video I have spoken that when I was a child as being a huge Thalaivar fan I did such things against Kamal sir without knowing and Also added saying that when I see them walking by holding hands today I feel very happy.

I have huge respect for Kamal sir. when ever I feel i have spoken something wrong I will apologise to anyone but in this I haven’t said anything wrong you will know if you see the whole video properly.”

He added: “Few people are planning to twist this. I know how much respect I have for Kamal sir by heart. I think it’s not necessary to prove or explain it to anyone.”