Raghava Lawrence offers support to Panneerselvam

Raghava Lawrence offers support to Panneerselvam

Chief minister O Panneerselvam got another shot in the arm from the Kollywood on Monday, as Raghava Lawrence met him and offered his support.

Speaking to reporters, he said Panneerselvam has done a lot of good things during his stint as chief minister and his rule should continue.

Already, a lot of K-town biggies have offered their support to Panneerselvam.

Ramarajan on Sunday said though Panneerselvam is fondly called “OPS”, it also refers to “Oyvillamal Poruppaga Sevai Seibavar” (a person who tirelessly works for the welfare of people).

Ramarajan who is known to be a staunch loyalist of late CM Jayalalitha and Thiyagu who was formerly with DMK and later switched loyalties to AIADMK have visited the house of OPS in Greenways Road, Chennai and offered their support to him.

“A situation has come wherein nothing will happen in politics without the people’s knowledge,” Ramarajan said, amid thunderous applause from thousands of supporters, who have thronged the residence of OPS to express their support and solidarity.