Radhika Apte talks about her first date

Radhika Apte has revealed she first went on a date with her now husband Benedict Taylor because a cat ate tuna fish.  Whenever we say Netflix India, the first name that always follows our mind is Radhika Apte.

Netflix’s popular chat show- The Brand New Show has been delving deep into the lives of our favourite stars and entertaining us with  interesting stories from their life.

Recently, the stunning and versatile, Radhika Apte made an appearance on the show. The actor indulged in a candid and fun conversation with host and comedian Abish Mathew.

According to a press note, Abish took the opportunity to ask her about her relationships and dating experiences and Radhika got super nostalgic!

“Radhika took us down the memory lane and spilled the beans on her first ever date! She said, “I have never dated anyone younger than me. I remember, there were two different boys who asked me to go out on a date at the same time and on the same day,” she said.

Radhika added: “So, there was a cat who always came to my house, my room-mate and I kept tuna fish for the cat and decided that if the cat ate the fish, I would go on a date with Benedict and if not, I would go on a date with the other guy. The cat ate the tuna and I went on a date with Benedict and now I am married to him.”

Indeed a sweet and funny first date story! Well, we can’t wait to witness this super interesting episode with our very own Radhika Apte!  Stay tuned and catch the fun conversation on The Brand New Show on Netflix’s Youtube channel.