Radha Sapthami Festival at Lord Ranganathar Tiruneermalai Temple will be held  on. Friday 19th February 2021

The significance of Radha Sapthami is stated in the vedic pramanas and Agamas as follows :-

That is though the uttharayana Punya Kalam is believed  to be on the 1st month of Thai, it  actually starts on the Radha Sapthami Day only


19.2.2021 FRIDAY Morning 6 am  Surya Prabai

19.2.2021  FRIDAY  Morning 8 am  Hanumantha Vaganam

19.2.2021 FRIDAY  Morning 10 am  Garuda Seva

19.2.2021   FRIDAY   12 Noon  in Sesha  Vaganam

19.2.2021   FRIDAY   1 pm to 2  pm  Thirumanjanam Theerthavari

19.2.2021  FRIDAY    3 pm Kuthirai  Vaganam

19.2.2021    FRIDAY  5 pm Simha Vaganam

19.2.2021  FRIDAY    7 pm  Chandira Prabai

Due to prevailing CORONO VIRUS  all the devotees are requested  to  wear Mask and keep Social Distancing during all the programmes.
All the devotees are requested to participate on the Radha Sapthami Festival  and have the blessings of Lord Sri Ranganathar .
Arrangements for the same  is being  made by Smt P K Kavenitha , Asst  Commissioner /  Thakkar, Mr P  Sakthi , Executive Officer and Temple Staff’s.