Radha Rajan apologises for sexual remark, says she was misquoted

Radha Rajan apologises for sexual remark, says she was misquoted

Animal rights activist Radha Rajan has sought to clear the air on her reported remarks on Jallikattu protesters, which triggered protests against her,.

In a release, she said, “the statement on ‘free sex’; which is doing the rounds on social media is not a factual account of what I said.

I spoke to a person who told me he was calling me from a renowned international news agency. In my answer to a question about the role of people’s sentiments and the role of the judiciary I gave them a political and social example both of which was not about Tamil Nadu or Tamil people.

The free sex referred to a social movement among a section of people in a western country and the political movement referred to a North Indian State.

In the answer I did not mention any state, country or people by name. The words Tamil, Tamil women was not mentioned at all. I am stating the facts as they are.

The telephonic conversation with the news agency happened more than twenty days ago, much before the current protests for Jallikattu

I request the people of Tamil Nadu to accept my clarification and to please end the protests against me. I know this statement has hurt Tamil people for which I tender an unqualified apology.”