Raai Laxmi reveals dirty secrets

Raai Laxmi, who was in Chennai on Tuesday to promote her significant 50th film Julie 2, which also marks her Bollywood debut, has said casting couch exists in the film industry.

She claims she would have been a ‘superstar’ by now, had she agreed to the ‘casting couch’ demands, which she faced in her initial struggling years.

Julie 2 is about an aspiring actress who compromises to get work in films. Just days ahead of film’s release, the actress opened up about the ever-exiting-but-always-denied casting couch menace in glamour world.

The actress also shared how the sexual predators approach an actress in the industry. “Who asks “sleep with me”? They don’t approach directly to have sex with them but would approach in different ways”, said Laxmi.


The film and its actress-protagonist’s story is based on the life of a well-known glamorous actress of the 1990s and 2000s.

This actress, whose name we are withholding to avoid legal trouble for the film, started her career with a Hindi film featuring one of the Khan superstars, said reports.

They added but it was her booming career in the South, in Tamil and Telugu cinema, that made her a superstar.