Pudhiya Bruce Lee is here

A new movie titled Pudhiya Bruce Lee, directed by Mulaiyur A Sonai and produced by Vandavasi K Aman on behalf of SK Aman Film Productions, is ready to hit the screens. Playing the lead is Bruce Chan, a look-alike of Bruce Lee.
Speaking at the trailer launch function of the movie, the director said, “I am a great fan of Bruce Lee and wanted to make an action film with his style. When I saw Chan, I decided to make my dream project.”
Heaping laurels on Chan, he said the additional advantage being the actor is a double black belt exponent in Karate.’
According to Sonai, the story revolves around the hero who loses his parents in a mishap and comes to the city from the village to his uncle’s house. When his uncle gets caught in a land grab racket, how the hero saves him using his brawn forms the crux.
Suresh Narang and Jitender Hooda play the villains. The film has newcomer Raziya as heroine. Action scenes are choreographed by Thriller Shekar.
Sonai praised Shekhar for composing great stunts that would remind the audience of Bruce Lee.