Protest against Y Gee Mahendra withdrawn

Protest against Y Gee Mahendra withdrawn

A Muslim organisation has announced withdrawing its protest against actor Y Gee Mahendra on Friday, after the latter apologised for his post on Facebook, blaming a Muslim for the murder of techie Swathi.

In his letter to Indian National League president Tada J Abdul Rahim, Mahendra said, “I reiterate that I had only forwarded and shared an already existing message. I DID NOT CREATE IT.. . I understand that the message has hurt our Islam brothers for which I once again seek
sincere apology.”

“I am not a religion prejudiced person. Sir ..4 of my drama troupe members are Muslims who have been associated with me for over 10 years…and are like brothers. Hence I HAVE NEVER THOUGHT ILL of Muslims … and I dont belong to any Political or Religous party..”

“For the past 50 years and my career is mainly focused on my love for cinema and passion for stage play . I have never ever got into any controversy and this sharing of message is only due to my inadvertance for which I have apologized. .”

“This was a thoughtless emotional forwarding that’s all. Yet when it has hurt sentiments it is my duty to apologise,” he said. Accepting his apology, the Muslim organisation announced withdrawing the agitation.

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