Producer hits out at Yogi Babu

Ace comedian Yogi Babu who recently shared on social media about a poster using his face as the lead of the film, warned his fans that he is not part of the film.

The actor has now shared a video requesting the producers and directors to not use his solo picture on the poster for films that he has appeared in only two scenes as it gives a wrong impression that he plays an important role in the film.

He said, “I have done a lot of films in the last few years which are getting released now. I would have done only two to three scenes in those films, but the producers and directors of those films are making posters claiming that I am the lead in those films.

I request them to not to do that as my fans and distributors are being cheated by such tactics. They have cheated my fans by printing posters as me as the lead. A few distributors have called and told me that they bought those films going by the poster.

Even a few people have gotten in touch with me saying they went to watch the film thinking I am the lead. It makes me sad hearing these things. Even recently a film called Dowlat had my face as the lead in the poster, but Sivan plays the lead in the film.

Please do not make such posters, producers and directors who make films as me as the lead are angered by this, it looks like you are cheating the distributors and the audience, please do not to print posters with my solo picture and cheat fans.”

This has not gone down well with Mohammad Ali, the producer of Dowlat. He said that Yogi has acted in the film. “We decided to cast Yogi in the main role when we started the film Dhowlath. He also completed his portions well, but then he has become a sensational actor with back to back hit films.”

Yogi Babu has dragged nine months to complete the dubbing, and it delayed the film release. So, the producer has been facing financial problems, but the actor’s latest statement shocked him more, he said.