Producer gives clarity on Thangalaan release date

Amid a lot of uncertainties surrounding the release of Thangalaan, starring Vikram, producer Dhananjayan, the CEO of Studio Green , has finally provided clarity on the matter.

In a recent interview, Dhananjayan confirmed that Thangalaan will hit cinemas sooner than initially anticipated.

“Vikram sir and Ranjith sir have given us a substantial film. Right now, we are working towards releasing the film in April. Soon after the elections are over, we will release the movie. For example, if April 16 is the election day, the film might come out on April 19,” said Dhananjayan.

If everything had gone according to plan, Vikram’s Thangalaan might have already been seen by fans of Indian movies worldwide.

However, rarely do things happen as per plans, especially in the film industry.