Problem in Pondy: Govt in crisis as more MLAs resign

Months before an election, the Congress government has lost its thin majority in Puducherry with four MLAs resigning, two in the past two days.

MLA A John Kumar tendered his resignation on Tuesday. Kumar won the Kamaraj Nagar byelection in 2019.

The strength of the ruling Congress party was reduced to 10 with his resignation. The Congress has the support of DMK (3) and an independent. The legislative assembly of the Union territory of Puducherry has 30 elected seats and three nominated seats.

The Congress has 10 MLAs besides three DMK MLAs and an Independent supporting the ruling coalition. The Opposition comprises three nominated MLAs of the BJP, seven MLAs of NR Congress, and four of AIADMK.

The Opposition has demanded a floor test in the House, charging that the Narayansamy government is already in minority.