Priya Bhavani Shankar handles fake ID in cool way

Priya Bhavani Shankar, the beauty with substance, has been making waves slowly but steadily. With her recent release Monster with S J Suryah becoming a hit, she is happy.

At the same time, she has found some trouble in the form of a fake ID in her name on social media, which started posting messages and behaving like herself.

Some of the samples of posts from that fake ID are: “I believe there was some sunshine in my soul that day”. “Ok let me pose under request”.

“Don’t miss #Monster in theatres tomorrow ! Sure u guys will enjoy the movie :-)”. “We are elated as a team for the positiveness and love we are receiving for ‘MONSTER’ check your nearest screen for ‘THE’ #monster.”

“How is #monster ..!!!’ and ‘Hope u all liked my performance in #Monster! And thanks for the compliments.” With messages like these making many believe that it is her real ID, Priya has come out with the following message on her authentic handle:

“Dear fake profile! I understand your excitement and responsibility in posting something. But pls don’t make it as your duty to embarrass me in an hourly basis. Thanks but no thanks “.