Prithviraj stranded in Jordan

Malayalam actor Prithviraj, who has acted in numerous Tamil films is unfortunately stranded in Jordan along with 58 crew members of his Malayalam film Aadujeevidham directed by Blessy.

The Mozhi and Saththam Podathey actor has penned an appeal to the government of India to help him and his crew of 58 members get home.

Blessy has written to the Film Chamber requesting help for their 58-member team from Jordan — where the shooting of their film was underway — and to ensure their return to India.

The team of Aadujeevitham, including Prithviraj and some of the other lead actors, had been filming their second schedule in Jordan’s Wadi Rum the past few weeks, and had got permission from officials in Jordan to continue shooting into the second week of April.

But after one of the Omani actors on the team was quarantined along with his translator, and with the coronavirus spread getting more severe, the Jordan government reversed its decision to allow the shooting to progress.

“Following that, our team has been staying at the desert camp in Wadi Rum. We have now been told that an immediate permission for shoot to resume is unlikely due to the situation and hence, our next best option would be to return to India at the first available opportunity,” said Prithviraj.

He said that the film’s team have enough supplies to last two weeks: “As we had originally planned to stay and shoot in the Wadi Run till the second week of April, our accommodation, food and supplies are taken care of for the immediate future. But obviously, what happens beyond that timeline is a matter of concern.”