Prince of Arcot lauds Donald Trump

Prince of Arcot lauds Donald Trump

The Prince of Arcot, Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali, congratulated  Donald Trump, on his resounding and historic victory in the United States Presidential-Election – 2016.

He said this in a letter, dated November 9, 2016, addressed to the President-elect, Donald Trump, which was forwarded through the US Consul General in Chennai, Phillip A. Min.

“Yours has been a long and exceptional  journey to the American Presidency,” the Prince said.

Noting that the international community looks to you to meet the aspirations of millions of men and women for a better world – a world of justice, harmony and peace,” the Prince expected Trump to act to restore and strengthen peace.

“Unprincipled wars of supremacy, aside from being horrible and unjust, are completely out of sync with our times. Indiscriminate bombing of innocent civilians will only weaken the cause of justice and peace and make the forces of extremism, bigotry and terrorism stronger.”

On the other hand, “meaningful negotiations with those we proudly disagree with must be conducted on the basis of equity, not supremacist ultimatums of the kind witnessed in the past.”

Highlighting the imperative need to take meaningful policy initiatives to address and resolve “the festering Israel-Palestine problem and the ongoing unjust wars in West Asia justly and in an enduring way,” the Prince pointed out that “this could be the key to lasting peace in the  region, which aside its vast petroleum wealth, has the unique distinction of hosting the cradle of human civilization.”

In his letter, the Prince said, “may we expect you to reassure the world that America and its great people value principles and respect all nations and people, who want to live in peace, harmony and justice.”