Priests sacked for adorning Amman idol with churidar

Priests sacked for adorning Amman idol with churidar

Two priests of the famous Mayuranathar temple in Mayiladuthurai were removed from service on Monday after they decorated the idol of the presiding deity in salvar kameez.

While the decoration was not derogatory, some devotees and officials of the shrine in Mayiladuthurai town said the goddess should be decorated only with a sari under the temple’s rules.

The Mayooranathaswamy temple, built during the Chola period, is among the ancient Shiva temples located on the riverbed of the Cauvery.

Though there are numerous alankarams for Goddess, which all bring out the divinity and evoke a sense of spontaneous veneration and appreciation among devotees, the one alankaram (decoration) that had shocked devotees is depicting Goddess Abhayambikai of the renowned Sri Mayuranathaswamy temple in Mayiladuthurai in Nagapattinam district in the state, in ‘churidar.’

This ancient temple is among the six shrines on Cauvery river bank which are regarded equivalent to Kasi.

The overenthusiastic act of the two priests, of giving make over to the idol, landed them in trouble as Thiruvavaduthurai Adheenam, which has administrative control over the temple, sacked them in the after they recieved backlash from devotees.