Press release pertaining to “Actress Abarnathi”

With the grand success of the recent Tamil movie ‘Thaen’, Abarnathi has become the most known far and wide actress for her colossal performance as Poongudi.  With the positive reviews and word of mouth spreading everywhere about the film, her performance remains one of the greatest highlights as she has given complete and soul and life to her character.
Sharing the experience of working in this film, actress Abarnathi says, “I am so happy with the positive response for my performance. All credit goes to director Ganesh Vinayakan sir and Cinematographer Sukumaran sir as they helped me prepare for this role efficiently. They suggested not to use any live makeup and shampoos during the shoot. To get the authentic look of a woman living in the respective hill station, I had to get tanned on the hilltop.  While shooting for ‘Jail, the major shooting happened in Kannagi Nagar, and in contrast, we had to travel across various places while filming ‘Thaen’. The location where we shot the movie was a remote village on Theni Hill Station, which had no transportation. The village comprises just 28 families, and they have to walk up and down 9Kms every day for their needs, which will take 3 hours. Later, we filmed few portions in a real Government hospital in Theni, followed by Munnar and Chennai. The entire shoot happened for 30-35 days, and it was a phenomenal experience. The film has showcased me as a performer who can take up any challenging and content-driven roles. What elates me more is everyone appreciating my works, watching the film at various film festivals and theatres that I have more chances to bag National awards. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it happens.  So far, the film has won 48 awards at International Film Festivals, and it is getting screened in many film festivals as well.”
Abarnathi has now signed a film produced by Big Print Pictures IB Karthikeyan and directed by a newcomer. The shooting will commence after the State Government elections. She is also listening to many scripts and will be seen in commercial movies as well.