Press release from PRO Diamond Babu

At this moment my memories take me back to the August 15th of 1986. When ‘OOMAI VIZHIGAL’  my debut film as a PRO was released. 
I cannot but thank all those  who have been supportive in my journey.
The blessings of my father ,’Film News Anand who encouraged & supported me;  Aabavaanan Sir, who introduced me to the film industry; Thirai chirpi Vijaykumar, director R.Arvindraj, DOP Ramesh Kumar, Music director Manoj Gyan, Paneer, Selva Ramesh &  the students of DFT.
Not to forget our Captain and My Hero Arunpandian, Karthik, Ravichandran,  Jaishankar, Chandrasekhar,  Senthil, Thiagu, Kumari Muthu,Malaysia Vasudevan,
Vyapuri,Anandan,Thengai Sreenivasan, Visu,Kishmu, 
Loose Mohan, Meesai Murugesh, Srividya ,Saritha , Sasikala, Sachu, Ilavarasi, Kokila, Disco Shanthi, Sangeetha  and many many more who made my journey easier.
On this day I also humbly bow to all my Producers  Directors, Actors, Technicians , Distributors, Exhibitors,& my well wishers.
And last but not least, a big Thank You to
My journalist friends &
My TTPTU Union members.
YOU all have made my journey a worthwhile one.