Press Note

Notifications have been issued by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways on 31st March 2021 to amend the Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989 and cover sections 4-28, 76 & 77( part) of the Motor Vehicles ( amendment) Act 2019. The following important aspects have been covered:

• Use of Electronic forms and documents (Medical Certificate, Learners License, Surrender of Driver’s Licence (DL), Renewal of DL)

• Online learner’s Licence- The complete process of grant of Learner’s licence has been made online, from application to printing of learner’s licence.

  • Grace period for renewal of DL may be availed one year prior to expiry till one year after expiry.

• National Register.- National Register of DL and RC(Certificate of Registration) has come into effect ,subsuming state registers of DL and RC of all the States. This will help in updating and accessing the data on real time basis any where in the country.

• Dealer point Registration.- The mandatory requirement of furnishing the vehicle for inspection to the RTO has been done away with in case of fully built vehicles. This will ease the process of registration.

• Renewal of Certificate of Registration is possible 60 days in advance.

• Temporary registration for 06 months with extension of 30 days (Body building etc).- the time limit of one month has been extended to six months, which will facilitate owners who purchase the chassis for body building.

• Trade certificate is now possible in electronic form

• Alteration, retro fitment to vehicles and adapted vehicles – The complete process of alteration and retrofitment has been brought under the legal framework leading to fixing of liability on both the owner and workshops or authorised agencies performing alteration or retrofitment. It will ensure safety of the vehicle and compliance with provisions of the Act.

• Insurance is possible in case of Altered vehicles

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