Prasanna worried about people’s mindset

While expressing angish over a few brutal incidents in Tamil Nadu, including lockup deaths and child rape and murder, actor Prasanna has aired disapppointment over the short memory of the public.

He said people talk about something for a few days and forget about it later after something new emerges.

“Jayalalitha or jayaraj or jayapriya its only until the next sensational death/murder/rape news. Then the justice seeking hashtags change,” the actor tweeted.

Prasanna, who became father for the second time recently after his wife Sneha delivered a baby girl, added: “But what has to actually change never change! Tired of all of this. Sadness creeps! “MARADHI ORU DESIYA VYAADHI”.

Many celebrities recently expressed anguish over the rape and murder of a 7-year-old girl in Pudukottai district. Here are some of them.

Varalakshmi Sarathkumar: “another child has been brutally raped and know if this is the world we are living in.. we all deserve to get #covid and die.. may be that’s gods answers to us humans.. We don’t deserve to live..”

Vishnu Vishal: “Breaks my heart … We as a society are failing.. This needs to change… Enough is enough..”

Chinmayi Sripadha: “How long we’ve been talking about all this. Yet these kind of crimes continue to happen here. Today, this news has come out. But we don’t know how many such incidents go unreported.

There should be awareness created within the families on these issues like sexual harassment and molestation. It is saddening to know how in many cases both victims and culprits turn out to be minors. This is even worse than COVID-19. Also, don’t share the name and photos of the victim. It is against the law. Please give them dignity in death.”