Prasanna, Indhuja thrill in Thiravam

Prasanna, Indhuja of Meyadha Maan fame, John Vijay and Kaali Venkat play key roles in Thiravam, an original series on ZEE5.

Tipped to be a political thriller, Thiravam revolves around the life of a small-time scientist who claims to have invented a herbal fuel that will revolutionize the petroleum industry, thereby posing a threat to dominant oil-rich countries.

The show premiered on 21 May on ZEE5. Talking about his digital debut, Prasanna shared, “It was an intense script and a character I was really excited to explore.

This role taught me a great deal and I hope the audiences understand the many shades of my character. It has been one of the most challenging characters I have essayed, and I am happy that I have chosen ZEE5 for my digital debut, as they always pushing boundaries in terms of the concepts they choose and also ensure the story travels far and wide.”

Indhuja said, “I was captivated by the script and Arvind Krishna’s vision for the show. I am glad to be
associated with Thiravam and ZEE5’s team who led the project so seamlessly.

It was a layered script and I personally tried a different character on my carrier. We have given this our one hundred percent and are truly glad that it is premiering on ZEE5 which has such a massive reach. I hope that the audience enjoys watching the show as much as we have, in making it.”

Director Arvind Krishna said, “Thiravam is a multi-themed thriller which gets intense as the show progresses. Performances by Prasanna, Indhuja, John Vijay and Kaali Venkat are commendable.

Backed with a gripping script and ZEE5’s massive reach, we are certain the show will garner a solid fan base. I
am lucky to partner with ZEE5 because it is necessary to associate with a team which gives you the creative
freedom and backs your vision.”