Prakash Raj demands 'sorry' for demonetisation

Prakash Raj demands ‘sorry’ for demonetisation

Actor Prakash Raj, who is lately on a criticism spree against the central government, has penned a note demanding an apology from the authorities for the disruptive impact of the demonetisation exercise.

On the first anniversary of demonetisation, he questioned the intent behind the move of the government on November 8 last year, which rendered 86 per cent of the currency in circulation illegal.

In a post on Twitter titled “To Whomsoever It May Concern”, the actor-filmmaker said, “While the rich found ways to convert their black money into shiny new notes, this disruptive impact made millions suffer helplessly and the unorganised sector workers went for spin. Would you mind saying sorry for the biggest blunder of our time?”

The Abhiyum Naanum and Ghilli actor captioned the image as “This day… That age.”

Recently, Prakash Raj tweeted: “If instilling fear in the name of religion… culture… morality is not terrorizing… then what is it. Just asking.”

He added: “If abusing and manhandling young couples on the streets of my country in the name of morality is not terrorizing… If taking law into hands and lynching people on slightest doubt of cow slaughter is not terrorizing… If trolling with abuse, threat… to silence even a slightest voice of dissent is not terrorizing… Then what is terrorizing… Just asking.”