Prabhu Deva’s former wife comes down heavily on Nayanthara

It is known that Prabhu Deva was madly in love with actress Nayanthara despite being married to Ramlath. Prabhu Deva and Nayanthara were in a live-in relationship for quite a long time, reportedly resulting in divorce between Prabhu Deva and Ramlath.

Ramlath said in her recent interview that she could not believe that Prabhu Deva was in love with Nayanthara. She thought he was an honest husband and had been taking care of the family for the past fifteen years.

She said that Nayanthara stole her husband and that she was a woman who stole other people’s husbands, and should also be punished. Then she added that if she saw Nayanthara somewhere, she would kick her.

Prabhu Deva recently bought a house for Ramlath, and she feels that he has changed now. Ramlath said the actress needs to be punished for breaking someone’s house and also accused Nayanthara of stealing her husband.

“At the same time it should punish the woman who steals others husband illegally. I have requested the police and judicial set up to arrest Nayantara for her intention of stealing my husband from me. If I see the actress anywhere, I will surely kick her on the spot. She is the best example for a bad woman.”

Nayanthara, during a recent interaction with a leading daily, opened up about her past relationships and revealed why she parted ways with men she was once romantically involved with.

The actress, who is currently busy with a bunch of projects, said “Love doesn’t exist where there is no trust. I ended my past relationships when I realised that it was better to live alone than with someone who she could not be trusted.”

Stating that it wasn’t easy to cope up with a break up, Nayanthara, who was in the past linked with Simbu, Prabhu Deva and Arya, mentioned that her professional life and fans helped her big-time to surpass the hard period. At present, the actress is being linked with Vignesh Shivan.

It may be recalled that Nayanthara and Prabhudeva made their love public in 2010 and admitted to being in a relationship with each other. Surprisingly, even after breaking up with Prabhudeva, Nayanthara did not erase the tattoo on her left arm that read– Prabhu.