Prabhas is my 3 AM friend: Anushka

With rumours linking them for a long time, Anushka Shetty, in a recent interview, called her Baahubali co-star Prabhas, her 3 am friend as she knew him for more than 15 years.

She said, “I have known Prabhas for over 15 years now and he is one of my 3 AM friends. We are usually linked up because both of us are not married and make an amazing on-screen pair.

Had there been anything between both of us, it would have been out by this time. Both of us are the same kind of people who don’t hide any emotions if we are involved.”

Discussing many gossips, largely rumours of union, disturbs her, Anushka informed,”That is the essence of the business, and there is nothing I could do about it but I can’t understand why specific things have been written about me”

She continued, “I’d wonder if those folks who wrote had some sisters and kids. I simply come to learn about it via a number of my buddies through ahead message” She added,”And that I make it. Additionally, because my loved ones — that really needed to have me married since I used to be 20 — understands me for who I am, they were not influenced by my union rumours.”

Anushka, who has completed 15 years in industry, said,  “I feel like my 15 years of hard work is nothing compared to the rest of the people in the industry. Every single film I’ve acted in till Nishabdham, all the experiences I’ve had have brought me here today.”

She also took to Instagram and thanked everyone once again. She penned an emotional note saying, “Celebrations with #TeamASF Thank you so so much for the love and support and the each one of u take out of your life’s to be part of mine  Thank you means a lot.”