Power Supply in the Chennai Suburbs is Steadily Being Restored

Power Supply in the Chennai Suburbs is Steadily Being Restored

TNEB officials have mentioned that it will take atleast 10 days to restore power in Chennai and its suburbs.

Many towers through which power was transmitted from units in north Chennai collapsed in the cyclone that ravaged Chennai on Monday. a senior TANGEDCO official told: The winds uprooted electricity poles disrupting transmission of high tension electricity to substations. The Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO) is racing against time by bringing more than 3,000 additional workmen from various parts of the State to restore power to several electricity substations and streets. Particularly areas in south Chennai, which are served by overhead power lines, have been the worst-affected as more than 2,500 electricity poles have been fallen. Compounding the problem for TANGEDCO officials was trees falling on transformers in several areas within city limits. Our first priority was in restoring power supply to the substations and then to low-tension consumers.

Last week due to the cyclone, 450 transformers and 4500 power supply distribution were badly affected in Tamil Nadu and its neighbouring districts.  54 high power towers and electric lines were damaged. In order to rectify the power supply 2 thousand staff was brought from Andhra Pradesh and 14700 TNEB staff was deployed for the rectification. They are working day and night.

A senior official of TANGEDCO said: The power supply in the city and outskirts were affected after several high tension towers serving power to the substations were uprooted by Cyclone Vardah on Monday, leaving residents without power.  TANGEDCO was taking all out efforts to reinstall the fallen towers. From Saturday onwards we are giving full power supply to low tension consumers as one more tower has been restored in the south and by afternoon we will be restoring a tower on the section from Almaty to Manali which will give a second line to north and central Chennai. TANGEDCO will be able to resume power supply to high tension consumers also from Monday.

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