POR Movie Review

In the vibrant world of Por, where youthful exuberance collides with societal complexities, the dynamic between freshman Yuva and super senior Prabhu emerges as the focal point. Amidst the backdrop of political intrigue and caste dynamics, Por transcends the typical portrayal of college life, offering a spirited and engaging narrative.

Rather than succumbing to clichés, Por infuses freshness into its depiction of ego clashes among university students. The rivalry between Yuva (Kalidas Jayaram) and Prabhu (Arjun Das) resonates deeply, imbuing the storyline with a sense of urgency and significance.

The integration of political and caste themes into the narrative is seamless, adding depth without feeling contrived. Por delicately balances these elements, enriching the storyline while maintaining narrative coherence.

Despite familiar tropes like freshman hazing and confrontations between protagonists, Por breathes new life into these scenes, avoiding staleness and keeping viewers captivated.

The film’s technical aspects, from music to cinematography, contribute to its overall excellence, elevating it beyond a typical college drama. Despite a plethora of characters and subplots, Por manages to keep audiences engaged, though some elements could have been streamlined for a more focused narrative.

The ensemble cast, led by Arjun Das and Kalidas Jayaram, delivers uniformly strong performances. Jayaram, in particular, shines in a role that could have easily fallen flat in less capable hands.

Ultimately, Por offers a cinematic experience that resonates with audiences at different stages of life. While some may perceive the characters’ actions as trivial, others will find themselves immersed in the film’s world, appreciating its authenticity and charm.

In essence, Por is more than just a story of college antics—it’s a vibrant portrayal of youth, identity, and the complexities of human relationships. With its compelling narrative and stellar performances, Por is a film that leaves a lasting impression, inviting viewers to embrace its world and cherish the cinematic journey it offers.

Cast: Arjundas Kalidas Jayaram T.J.Banu Sanchana Natarajan Amrutha Srinivasan Mervyn Rozario

Written & Direction by: Bejoy Nambiar