Poorna reveals how gang attempted to cheat her, more shocking details from police

Actress Shamna Kasim, better known as Poorna, has revealed how a gang made attempts to extort money from her and her family, after approaching them with a marriage proposal for her.

Meanwhile, Kochi City Police Commissioner Vijay Sakhare said the gang of impostors, arrested for allegedly threatening and trying to extort money from the actress, had planned to kidnap and hold her hostage and demand a huge ransom.

He said, “the gang of imposters, which established contact with Shamna Kasim and her family after coming up with a marriage proposal for her, had hatched a plan to kidnap the actress, hold her hostage in a hotel room and demand a huge ransom. But it did not materialise.”

In a statement, the actress said, “Thank you for the wonderful support my dear friends and well wishers during this ordeal. I just would like to clarify on few unreal reports in few media relating my case.

I do not know the culprit and gang who are part of this blackmailing saga hence I am pleading to all my media friends not to propagate such fake news linking me with the culprit.

My family had decided to lodge a complaint because we had been cheated with fake names, fake addresses, deceitful identities with a marriage proposal that completely misled us. This eventually led to blackmail for which we decided to approach the police for legal action. We never knew and still don’t know what their intentions were or are.

Currently, the Kerala police are doing an excellent job after my complaint and they have nabbed all the culprits. Therefor I am requesting all my media friends not to infringe on my family’s and my personal privacy rights until the investigation is over. I have complete faith and trust in our criminal justice system. I will definitely meet the media once the case is resolved.

I am hoping that through my case, my fellow sisters out there will be a little vigilant in fighting off these fraudsters.”