Pooja Kumar, Premgi, Hip Hop Tamizha, Radhika Apte talk about coronavirus

Pooja Kumar has advised a unique handwashing method to prevent oneself from the coronavirus.  The Vishwaroopam actress posted a picture of Lord Krishna washing his hands, too.

She posted, “VerifiedI saw this online and thought a little comedy during this #corona virus time is needed. Please please stay indoors. Don’t meet anyone, don’t go out anywhere and don’t travel. We are spreading it without knowing it so let’s help each other at this time. Think of it as a time to rest, reflect, and be with loved ones. #isolation #goodvibes #relax #america #india #globalcitizen.”

Hip Hop Tamizha Aadhi posted, “Yes ! Corona virus is a threat. But it can surely be controlled if we act with care. ‘Behave as if you have the virus’ – that will do the trick”

She shared a video in which he requested everyone to be cautious rather than going into panic mode. The actor said that Nilavembu Kudineer(a Siddha medicine) is not a cure for Coronavirus but a preventive measure to boost immunity.

Premgi Amaran said, “What if we humans are the virus to this earth and carona is the vaccine ??” Responding to the tweet, his brother, director and actor Venkat Prabhu posted, “And I think u had too much!! “.

Radhika Apte, who was in London recently, said, “For all the many messages from friends and colleagues with concern and curiosity – I am back in London safely. There was no issue at the immigration. It was rather empty had a wonderful chat with them. The Heathrow express was literally empty and barely anyone at Paddington either. That’s all for now! Thank you for all the messages.”

She added: “BA flight was full (though two days ago when I went to India from London it was empty). The immigration officers had no information to share regarding UK closing borders yet.”