Police complaint against Suchitra

Police complaint against Suchitra

Indian National League Party has filed a police complaint against Suchitra for ‘leaking obscene and intimate pictures and videos of actors and actresses on Twitter’.

In his complaint, Rasool Mohideen, headquarters secretary of Indian National League Party, said Suchitra should be arrested for her act for it would spoil the minds of youngsters.

Suchitra has taken on actors, actresses, composers, directors, and even producers, and has made oblique and even direct allegations of them seeking or receiving sexual favours in return for roles in films, and has even alleged being physically abused by a senior actor.

Meanwhile, Suchitra has said her account has been hacked. A complaint was lodged on her behalf with the Cyber Cell of the Central Crime Branch.

The tweets had grabbed considerable attention and featured private photos of celebrities from the Tamil film industry, some of them in intimate situations, as well as alleged leaked email exchanges.

Meanwhile, in a video statement on Friday, Suchitra’s husband Karthik Kumar said the content was indicative of a certain emotional state and requested the press and others not take the updates posted as facts.