Police complaint against Kaala

A man, claiming himself to be a script-writer, has filed a complaint with the Greater Chennai police commissionerate, alleging that Kaala, the title of Superstar Rajinikanth’s next film, belongs to him.
The complaint has been filed with the Chennai City Commissioner of Police by one, K Rajasekaran, who alleges that the title and the core theme of the film were stolen from him.
In the complaint, he has alleged that he had written a script for Rajinikanth in 1995, titled Karikaalan, and that he even met Rajinikanth, who’d assured him that they could discuss about the project later.
Rajasekaran has claimed that he had drafted the story of his film ‘Karikalan’ based on the life of King Karikalan. He said he had announced he will be doing a film titled Karikalan under GSR Vinmeen Creations at a film event in 1996 itself.
The production of his film was even started in 2011 with Chiyaan Vikram in the lead role. However, the production of the film, funded by Silver Line Film Factory, was stopped due to a legal trouble.
Rajesekaran says he has registered the title Karikaalan with the South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce. He also states that he has filed a Court case against the attempt to make a film titled as Karikalan with Vikram in the lead role however the film did not happen at all.