PM to review Covid situation with 7 worst hit States including TN

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will chair a high-level virtual meeting with the chief ministers and health ministers of seven Covid high burden states/UT on Wednesday to review the status and preparedness to manage the situation.

Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Delhi and Punjab account for more than 63% of the active cases in the country.

These are the seven states of the country which are the worst-hit by the pandemic in terms of COVID-19 cases and virus spread The meeting will be held through video conferencing at 5 PM on this day. Through this high-level virtual meeting, Prime Minister Modi will review the status, preparedness, and management of COVID-19 in the different states.

The virtual meeting, chaired by Prime MInister Modi, will be attended by chief ministers of the states of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, and Punjab. Notably, Maharashtra has the highest number of confirmed coronavirus infection cases in India. More than 63% of the country’s active COVID-19 cases are from these seven states and union territories. There are a total of 65.5% confirmed cases and 77% deaths.

Centre is sending its team to states to help state governments in containment, surveillance, testing and efficient clinical management. Recently, a team was sent to J&K.

The Covid-19 situation of Delhi is also being monitored by a Centre-Delhi government joint team. It will be assessed whether these seven states need central guidance at this point of time.

PM Modi has a special focus on these seven states. In Punjab and Delhi, the cases of COVID-19 have risen sharply recently. The rate of corona deaths in Maharashtra, Punjab and Delhi has also risen by 2%.