PM Narendra Modi accuses Congress of divisive agenda

Prime minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday warned people against what he termed as the Opposition’s divisive agenda and said the anti-BJP bloc would have many more meltdowns as days pass by.

Reacting to the use of unparliamentary references some senior Opposition leaders including Congress’ Rahul Gandhi made about him during the campaign for five state polls and also to the north-south divide articulation by others, the PM posted on X, “May they be happy with their arrogance, lies, pessimism and ignorance. But beware of their divisive agenda. An old habit of 70 years can’t go away so easily.”

The PM added that people have to be ready for many more meltdowns.

“Panauti” remarks that Rahul made during a poll rally in Rajasthan recently after India lost the Cricket World Cup to Australia at the Narendra Modi stadium is believed to have harmed the party’s prospects in the state where the BJP won 115 out of 199 seats.

On Sunday when the Congress suffered a rout in north Indian states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh and won Telangana in the South, Congress MP Karti Chidambaram had tweeted, “South India!” in indications that the BJP was confined only to the north.

BJP leaders rejected the north-south divide argument outright, pointing to how it has won eight seats in the Telangana Assembly polls this year as against one in 2018, and bagged 13.90 per cent vote share.