PM Modi should apologise for campaigning for Prajwal Revanna

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday claimed that the top leadership of the BJP, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was aware of the alleged sexual crimes of Prajwal Revanna, an MP and Lok Sabha candidate of the Janata Dal Secular (JDS) party.

He further said the top leadership chose to turn a blind eye due to “greed for power”. The JD(S) is an NDA ally.

Speaking at an election rally in the Raichur region of Karnataka, Rahul Gandhi flashed a letter purportedly written by a BJP leader from Hassan to Union Home Minister Amit Shah. The leader allegedly told Shah that Prajwal Revanna was a sexual predator who attacked many women and that he should be denied a poll ticket for the Lok Sabha polls.

“The person (who wrote the letter) has said that Prajwal Revanna is attacking women and has committed rape. He (Prajwal Revanna) has raped 400 women and videographed it (the acts). This (BJP) man has written to the Home Minister about the attacks but the Home Minister did not do anything,” Rahul Gandhi claimed.

“Even after this the PM of India comes onto the stage and asks for votes for Prajwal Revanna. I want to tell those women who have been victims of (sexual) attacks that the same thing has been done by Prajwal Revanna. Over 400 men pleaded with Revanna but he raped and did not let them go. If Amit Shah knew about it, then even the PM knew about it,” Gandhi said.