PM Modi Attends Culmination Of TN BJP’s ‘En Mann, En Makkal’ Yatra

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a notable appearance at the closing ceremony of ‘En Mann Ek Makkal’ padayatra in Tiruppur where he also addressed a rally on Tuesday.

During the address, PM said that his relationship with Tamil Nadu was decades old.

Addressing a public rally in Palladam, PM Narendra Modi said, “This Kongu region of Tamil Nadu represents India’s growth story in many ways. It is one of India’s most vibrant textile and industry hubs. It also contributes to our country’s wind energy capacity. This region is also known for the spirit of enterprise. Our risk-taking entrepreneurs and MSMEs play a role in making us the fastest growing economy.”

“My relationship with Tamil Nadu is not involving politics but of that from the heart. This relationship is decades old. Tamil Nadu has always given me unconditional love,” he said.

On the final day of ‘En Mann Ek Makkal’ yatra and with arrival of PM Modi, BJP State President K Annamalai emphasised the significance of the seven-month journey and highlighted the overwhelming mandate for PM Modi in the 2024 elections.

On En Mann Ek Makkal yatra’s final day and PM Modi’s arrival, BJP State President K Annamalai said, “Seven-month yatra, the culmination is happening today… We are getting into the last constituency. Personally, for me, I have become a better human being… I am amazed at the kind of support our Prime Minister enjoys in the nook and cranny of our state.”