Plus two exams start amid strict vigil

Plus two exams start amid strict vigil

The plus two exams in the state started this monring in which 9.30 lakh students appeared. The exams will continue till 31 March.

The students are appearing for the exams from 6,737 schools. Of them, 4.18 lakh are boys and 4.81 lakh are girls and one transgender student. A total of 5.69 lakh students are appearing through Tamil medium.

Similarly 31,843 private candidates and 88 prisoners will also be taking up the test. The exams will be held in 2,247 centres.

To check malpractices, a 4,000-member strong flying squad has been set up and divided into multiple teams. They will monitor the 2,427 exam centres spread across the state.

All exam centres have been declared prohibited areas and police personnel will be posted for security. Mobile phones are not to be carried by not just students, but also teachers.

Arrangements have been made for stationing mobile medical vans at the centres to attend to emergencies, a department communication said. Uninterrupted power will be supplied at all the examination centres.