Plant Beema Bamboo to go green

Plant Beema Bamboo to go green

Aiming to make Chennai a carbon neutral metropolitan city by 2020, Greenwish Foundation is planning to plant 80 lakh Beema bamboo saplings across the metropolis.

According to N Barathi, Advisory member for the Governments of Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Tripura, for Bamboo Development, “Beema bamboo is a wonder plant as it takes only 24 months to grow.”

On its benefits, Barathi says, “The tree can give out more than 280kg of oxygen every year, and in a span of five years, it can absorb around 500kg of carbon dioxide.”

An application called Green Kalam was launched as part of the tree-planting drive. Greater Chennai Corporation, Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board and the Tamil Nadu Forest Department are supporting the team.

Beema Bamboo is a superior clone, selected from Bambusa Balcooa, a higher Biomass yielding Bamboo spices. Barathi of  GrowMore Biotech has researched more than eight years and discovered Beema Bamboo.

This clone is thornless, sterile, fast growing and high yilding superior bamboo. It can grow in the field for more than hundred years without need for replanting.