Pichaikaran 2 movie review


Vijay Gurumurthy (Vijay Antony) a multi-millionaire is facing danger from his close aides for his wealth.

Vijay is eliminated and his brain is replaced with the brain of Satya (Vijay), a beggar who walked out of jail. Satya is searching for his sister Rani who went missing 20 years ago.

A saint tells him he would find his sister Rani if he does good to the poor. Satya decides to do good for all the beggars and poor in the country with Vijay’s wealth.

He calls this mission ‘Anti Bikili’. What are the obstacles Satya comes across and how does he overcome them? Will Satya be successful in his mission forms the rest of the story.


Directed by Vijay Antony, the story has a great scope to take the film to the next level. Better writing and screenplay would have worked wonders for the film.

While brother-sister sentiment is key for the film, the makers seem to have overdone it and spent vast time in it.

The Anti Bikili concept is a theme to play to the galleries and it has worked out well.

Vijay Antony plays dual roles as Vijay Gurumurthy and Satya. He effortlessly gets under the skin of Satya’s role.

He shines in both the roles and dominates the film.

Kavya Thapar is good in her part though it doesn’t give much scope for her to shine.

Dev Gill, Hareesh Peradi and John Vijay are the baddies in the first half who live up to their characters.

Radha Ravi is impressive as the Chief Minister in the second half.

Rest of the cast including YG Mahendran and Yogi Babu have all done their part well.

Vijay Antony shines in the musical department as well.

Rating: 3.3/5