Pia Bajpai says she wasn’t aware of Ajith’s popularity

Actress Pia Bajpai, popular for her role in the films Goa, Ko and Aegan, recently spoke about her experience of working on her films including her experience working with Ajith in Aegan.

She said,  “When I signed Aegan, I had no idea what a big star he is and what I was getting into. When I was called for my shot, I could hear fans outside the vanity van shouting for someone and cheering. That is when I realized that he is a superstar of sorts. Ajith sir has so much love from his fans, they worship him.”

The actress added, “He was very nice with me. I was a newcomer and was the youngest on set. He was so protective and nice to me. We used to have conversations about the profession and being on set. I have learnt so many things like someone can be a superstar and can be humble at the same time.”

Asked about what quality of Ajith, called as Thala by fans, she admires the most, Pia revealed, “I admire everything about him. He is a good-looking man, charming and so humble. He has a beautiful family and such a big fan following. I can write an essay about him.”

She said that if she had the chance to trade her life with someone else for a day, she would trade it with Ajith as she wants to feel that fan following and love from the people.

On Ko, she said, “When I signed the film, nobody told me what the role was, but everyone told me to do the role. On set, when I put on makeup, Anand sir told me to take it off and they gave me a face mask. I thought my career was over.”

Talking about the one thing she will never do in her life. “I will never come on TikTok. In the morning if I wake up and see my boyfriend doing TikTok, I will leave him.”