“Pettarap” Unveils First Look Poster, Promising a Mesmerizing Fusion of Music and Dance

In a dazzling display of electrifying dance moves, renowned choreographer and actor Prabhudeva teams up with the talented Vedika for an upcoming film that promises to set the screen on fire. The first look poster of their collaboration, titled “Petta Rap,” has just been released, giving fans a sneak peek into the high-energy world of this much-anticipated project.

The poster showcases Prabhudeva and Vedika in a dynamic pose, encapsulating the essence of their energetic dance performance. The duo, known for their exceptional dancing skills, appears to be in perfect sync, hinting at an exhilarating on-screen chemistry that is bound to captivate audiences.

The film, “Petta Rap,” is already generating buzz within the entertainment industry, with its unique blend of dance, drama, and music. The first look poster is dominated by vibrant hues and dynamic visuals, creating a sense of anticipation for the film’s release. The title, “Petta Rap,” suggests a fusion of rhythm and rap, promising a unique musical experience for fans.

The film, directed by SJ Sinu and produced by Jobi P Sam under the banner of Blue Hill Films, music by D Imman, script penned by Dinil P.K. Cinematography Jithu Damodar, Editing Nishad Yousaf, Art A.R Mohan, Executive Producer Ria S, Production controller Anand S, Sasikumar S, Costume Arun Manohar, makeup Abdul Rahiman, choreography Bhupathi Raja, Robert, Stunt Dinesh Kashi, Vickey Master, Lyrics Madan Kargi, Vivek, creative support Sanjay Ghazal, co-director Anju Vijay, PRO Nikil Murukan, Vfx Effects and Logistics, Stiils Sai Santhosh, Design Yellow Tooth, marketing AKD