Pettakaali webseries review


Vela Ramamoorthy is the village chief who rears bulls for Jallikattu. There is a long enemity between his village and a neighbouring village.

Kishore and his nephew Kalaiarasan belong to the neighbouring village. It is announced that no one should tame Vela Ramaoorthy’s bull during Jallikattu.

However, Kalaiarasan does not pay heed to this and catches the bull. This leads to the fight between the two villages. What happens next is what the web series is all about.


What catches the attention of the audience is that how the team has managed to make this movie with such a screenplay.

The way in which the Jallikattu sequences are filmed as mindblowing. Director Raj Kumar’s script has nativity written all over it.

The Jallikattu sequences are filmed in actual spots and a big applause of cinematographer Velraj. Kalaiarasan has lived the role of a bull tamer.

He is so authentic in his character. Kishore as his uncle is terrific. Vela Ramamoorthy is as usual terrifying as the antagonist.

Rest of the cast including Sheela, Goutham, Paul Haasan have also done their part well. BGM by Santhosh Narayanan compliments the theme of the movie well.

Rating: 3.8/5