PETA stris fresh controversy in Kollywood by talking against Jiiva’s Gorilla

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India has stirred a fresh controversy in Tamil cinema. It has issued a statement, listing out reasons not to watch Jiiva starrer Gorilla.

Directed by Don Sandy, the comedy thriller revolves around a chimpanzee and has Shalini Pandey as heroine. At a time when the film is getting ready for release, the statement by PETA has shocked many.

The statement said, “As part of its campaign to end the use of wild animals in film and television, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India is rallying the public to avoid Don Sandy’s new movie Gorilla, which opens this weekend and features a chimpanzee named Kong.”

On why live animals should not be used in films, it said, “Captive primates are separated from their mothers; they’re violently abused; while movie scenes might be short, the animals suffer for life; using live animals is unnecessary; and it leaves a legacy of harm.”

According to associate director of Celebrity and Public Relations, Sachin Bangera, “The film industry must yell ‘cut’ on the archaic and cruel use of animals in productions.

Wild animals like chimpanzees and elephants are not movie props, and PETA India is calling on decent people to boycott Gorilla and send the message that primates and all other animals should be left in peace in their natural habitats.”