Party time for Amala Paul during lockdown

With celebrities spending time by following their heart during the Covid-19 lockdown, Amala Paul reently enjoyed a house party. She posted a video online, in whichi she is deen dancing to music by wearing a mask.

She posted: “We got the PARTY HOME cuz it’s my dearest, weirdest, cutest, funniest, one and only, OLDER BROTHER (bc he keeps saying he is younger) podaaa🔫 @abijithpaul ‘s birthday ❣️❣️❣️ Ain’t no party like a socially-distant, mask-wearing party! 😂🎭.”

Amala Paul, who recently read the book ‘The Prophet’ by Khalil Ghibran, shared her thoughts, using the lines from the book. The actress said that men would not make women pregnant if they love.

“All the best questions in THE PROPHET (written by Khalil Ghibran) are asked by women- about love, about marriage, about children, about pain-authentic, real. Not about God, not about any philosophical system, but about life itself.

Why has the question arisen in a woman and not in a man? Because the woman has suffered slavery, the woman has suffered humiliation, the woman has suffered economic dependence, and, above all, she has suffered a constant state of pregnancy.

For centuries she has lived in pain and pain. The growing child in her does not allow her to eat. She is always feeling like throwing up, vomiting. When the child has grown to nine months, the birth of the child is almost the death of the woman.

And when she is not even free of one pregnancy, the husband is ready to make her pregnant again. It seems that the woman’s only function is to be a factory to produce crowds,” she said.